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What do we do?
We allow customers to break their current wireless contract with no penalties. We then activate new service with a wireless carrier of your choice. Sound too good to be true doesn’t it? Ask us for references.

How does this work?
We cancel your existing contract with your current carrier. We are a national reseller for wireless service providers.  We have established relationships with the wireless carriers which enables us to switch your wirelss service from one carrier to another. A two year agreement is requried. We ship your phones direct to you and you put your old phones in the same box and ship back to us with prepaid shipping.

Will I be charged the cancellation fee?
Yes it will show up on your last bill with your previous carrier. We cut a check for the cancellation fee directly to your carrier.

Do I need to sign up with a new carrier?
Yes. In order for us to pay your cancellation fee you do need to sign up with new service with us.

Can I keep my same number?
Yes you can keep your number but you need to contact us first to do this.

How much does this cost?
To break your contract is a flat $50 per phone line cancelled. New phone prices vary by carrier and rate plan.

What if I have a deposit on my current contract?
You will be credited that amount back to your bill and the difference will be mailed back to you.

Do I need to have good credit?
You need to be able to pass your new carriers credit requirements.

How do I get my new phone?
Your new phone will be shipped to you via UPS or Fed EX

What’s the next step?
Give your contact info to our agent and a sales rep will contact you.
email us at info |at| wirecracker.com

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